Jakkal Writes: (And I say that so you know it's a player post :P)

Out of curiosity, how many people are reading this journal? You don't need to be logged in to reply. So far it seems not many are interested in it. So really I'm curious how many non-LJ people are reading (as well as LJers who aren't friending the journal).

Also, when you reply to tell me you're reading it, what would you like to see here? What kind of things would you like for Lore to discuss?

Hell, I might even do Q&A's here where MailCalls have failed.

So just lemme know.


I think I found another use for this journal.

Jakkal Writes:
I think I might use this as a developer note journal, or something or other. I can post stuff that I do for or about BT as well.


I don't want to spam people with the actual BT journal, as that's for announcements about the comics. I think this would be a good place for me to ramble as much as the characters do.

The Trebuchet shown in the Oct 3rd page was built from scratch in SL. Yeah. I'm shit with technical drawings, especially perspectives. I've found building these things in SL is way more fun than trying to draw them, and they come out exceptionally well.

I really like the way the Trebuchet came out. It's not scripted, it was actually built in-position as I needed for the shot. However, I am seriously considering asking Kayla (My SL scripter) if she'd like to take a shot (pun) at making this thing functional (And throw users three sims away).

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Source: Lorelei's general thoughts. No specific comic attachment.


I'm always th' strong one. Maybe because I hafta be. Because of all I've been through.


They all think I'm the strong one. They think immortality makes me invincible. I act th' part fer them... but that's all it is... all it's ever been... an act.

Maybe they make me th' strong one. Maybe. They say magic is thought manipulatin' th' physical, th' real world... Maybe there's somethin' to that. They think I'm strong. Maybe they make me strong.

But I don't think I'm strong. Maybe their confidence in me makes up fer what I lack.

Everytime somethin' happens, they all look at me ta save 'em. Why? They know m'past, they know what I'm like... but they know I will.

And everytime somethin' happens, it gives me somethin' else ta focus on. I dun hafta think 'bout th' past or how depressed I am ... how fragile I am on th' inside.

Ta them I'm strong. I guess in the end, ta them, that's all that really matters, neh?

So be it.
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To start things off...

Just to let everyone know what this is, if they haven't read the userinfo for this journal. This is being used as a suppliment to the comics, a sort of in-depth "What are they thinking" kind of thing. I thought it would be more interesting to really get into the heads of the characters, moreso than I can on the comics (As they would put in lots of boring, unecessary text).

This of course may not last, I'm not sure how well I'd be able to keep up with something like this. Classically if something doesn't inspire me, I have difficulty working on it. Thus, while this seems like a good idea now, I might come to never maintain it later if I get bored of it.

For starters anyway, this journal is going to be friendlocked. I don't want to take the chance of potentially posting spoilers, so I might be very particular (if at all) who I allow to read this journal. And they will be for the sake of feedback (Did I give too much info? Spoiler? Not help at all?) You know how it goes.

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