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More Lorelei Redesign Concept Sketches

The one thing I didn't like about the black paw version of Lore was how plain she looked. I like it better than the white-paw version, definitely, but it was just... I couldn't get used to it. It didn't seem "LORE" to me. And that's very important. I rushed her second design, focusing mostly on her face, and I wish I had taken a little time to get it right. I've got one or two more variations I want to try, then I'll decide which one looks best to me.

Anyway, this one was my initial idea, it still seems loud to me, but others seem to like it better, and it *does* seem more "LORE" than the black-paw one.

Click fer a bigger pic

My Husband Suggested this one, I kind of like it:

Click fer a bigger pic

Variation on the Theme:

Click fer a bigger pic

And of course I ask the players of Kaerwyn what they think. Really, I should never do this, because ... they don't think. Mwaha. But in any case, here's what they suggested (Obviously with far superior design skills than myself).

Click fer a bigger pic

Click fer a bigger pic
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