drifterlorelei (drifterlorelei) wrote,

Lorelei Redesign

During my time off, I've had time to think about BT and how it's progressing, and characters.. and how characters could be tweeked a little.

This is something I've actually thought about since the last time I changed her markings (Which I wrote into the story). I'm not going to do that this time, this is relatively minor as well. I've never liked the way Lore's feet and hands have looked. They're not very true to the nature of a grey fox. Even with her mask, and her stripes, she incorporates the basics of the grey fox (Even if she does have extremely unusual markings for a grey fox). Her hands and feet, not very Urocyon to me.

I mean, taking a look at some RL Grey Foxes. You can see that they don't have fully white paws like I gave Lore. Usually it's that standard motled color between the reddish brown and the grey/white. Of course I don't put the mottling in Lore's design, that would just kill me trying to make the comic, so I dumb down her colors to the basics (Auburn, Gray, White and Black).

Originally, like other Grey Foxes, I was going to make her paws more brown, by spreading the brown up her paws and then putting white on the tips and the underside. The color brown I Picked for her, though, is very contrasting, and it just didn't look right to me. So I switched and tried black. Trivia: Lore's mask is supposed to be black, I color it dark gray because my eyes don't like pure blacks and it fucks me up when I try to color things, especially for the comic. So anyway, I Took the "Black" of Lore's mask and applied it to the paws.

It's pretty minor. I mean, it's very noticable to me. Some of the people I've shown it to haven't been able to tell a difference (They don't really pay much attention to BT though). I'm not going to explain this one away in the comic, I'm going to pretend that her markings were always like this. And I'm probably going to go back through the comic and replace her old markings with these. (Yes, through all 850+ pages).

The result:

Click for a larger pic

I might play around with the idea a bit more later on.

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