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Misconceptions of Kaetif

Jakkal writes:

Yeah I know, you guys were probably expecting something from Lore. I think I'm going to try doing that on Fridays. That way she can kind of sum up what she's thinking through the week. At least if I'm inspired enough to figure out what she's thinking without spoiling anything.

Anyway, today's post is about some things I've seen come up about Anthro animals, so I wanted to dispell them about Kaetif. I've actually mused the idea of making a BT-based RP. I even Started a trial run, free-for-all BT RP so I could see where all the problems would be. Of course, it didn't really catch on. I did see some problems that I'll need to address for the real RP (If I ever decide to make one).

But specifically, I want to post some of the misconceptions I've seen about Kaetif. Naturally this doesn't go for ALL Kaetif, these are just generalities I like to live by, especially when making the comics. These are the little rules that I try to keep in mind to make sure BT stays somewhat realistic (Fantasy, but in the realm of possibility).

So without further ado:

1. Kaetif with digitigrade and unguligrade legs will have less agility and stability of a similar human. In other words, Kaetif do not necessarily have an agility advantage. In some cases they might, but it's not a general Kaetif "benefit". Digitigrade and unguligrade legs are, in general, much less stable for bipeds than plantigrade. So the Kaetif with the digitigrade and unguligrade legs are at a disadvantage when standing on two legs. On four legs, they are more stable, but again not necessarily more agile.

2. Kaetif in general are not more agile than humans. There is no specific agility advancement that Kaetif enjoy. Some Kaetif species might have some changes that would considered part of agility. Mostly the only Kaetif that get an agility advantage are smaller species Kaetif, such as rodents, small carnivores, etc. But for any agility they might gain from their animal counterpart, they tend to lose it due to the human counterpart.

3. Digitigrade and unguligrade Kaetif can run faster than humans when on all fours. Digitigrade and unguligrade kaetif are not much faster than a similarly built human when on two legs (Longer stride sometimes helps, but lacking the stability in the feet might deter this). As a general rule, Kaetif are never as fast or agile as their animal counterpart. For example, a Kaetif wolf running on all fours could never outrun a regular wolf, even with longer strides.

4. Kaetif handpaws are not as dexterous as human hands. Their sense of touch is greatly reduced. Fur on the palms decreases grip. Lack of fingernails makes it harder for them to keep a firm grip on things. They aren't hopeless mind you, but this in comparison with a similarly built human.

5. Here's a very common misconception I see in Kaerwyn all the time. Kaetif tails -do not- aid in balance when standing upright. They do not aid in agility. Infact they add unecessary weight to the back. They cause the center of gravity to change. The tail can, in fact, hinder the balance, stability, and coordination of the Kaetif. In some cases, when running on all fours, however, the tail can be used like a rudder to help quick changes in direction.

6. Kaetif jaws (especially in the case of carnivores) are not as powerful as the regular animal. Wolf Kaetif cannot chomp down on deer legbones like regular wolves can. Their faces don't have the muscular structure built for it.

7. The sensory information of Kaetif are not as sharp as their regular animal counterparts. For example, a Bloodhound Kaetif does not have as an accute sense of smell as a regular bloodhound. Hawk kaetif cannot see as well as Hawks. The reasoning is not because of the structure, as a Kaetif wolf probably has a larger nose than a regular wolf, thus has more olfactory sensors. The reason is due to the brain and the setup, it's not built for interpretation the same way as the regular animal. If the brain can't process it, the information is useless. However, Kaetif do have the advantage over humans in most of the senses (Save for sight, taste and touch in many cases).

8. The general rule for Kaetif is this: Kaetif are not better at things best suited for humans than humans. Kaetif are not better at things best suited for animals than animals. But Kaetif ARE better at things best suited for animals than humans, and kaetif are better at things best suited for humans than animals. In other words, a Kaetif wolf can't run as fast as a regular wolf, but it can run faster than a human.

9. Kaetif internal organs are more like a human than their animal. Of course there are specifics per animal, such as rabbit kaetif may have an enlarged appendix. The Kaetif brain is very similiar to the human brain.

10. Instincts are still present in Kaetif, though they are usually dormant or eclipsed by human thought. They may also have been manipulated by their half humanity as their race evolves. (Much like we have instincts that we're not necessarily aware of, but can, in most cases, consciously control.)

11. Kaetif do have a strength advantage, however not the extent that Lorelei does. She's a special case (which I will not explain here for the sake of spoilers). Kaetif are stronger than similarly built humans and have a greater endurance. Again this depends on the Kaetif. They will not be more than 2x similar human strength or edurance. (In other words if a human guy can lift 200lbs max, as a kaetif, he won't be able to lift more than 400lbs given, more than likely he would be able to lift 250-300lbs).

12. One of the Kaetif disadvantages is having to eat a lot more than a regular human. Many Kaetif starve because of this. In the "old time" when Kaetif were first created, they only lived for a couple of years because their bodies would burn themselves out. The humans weren't too careful with their creations. As Kaetif have managed to live on their own and let Evolution and Natural selection take it's course, they're better off. But a Kaetif won't live as long as a regular human, and they'll need to eat a lot more than a human as well. Even if a wolf can go several weeks between gorges, a wolf kaetif wouldn't be able to.

Okay that's all I've got for now. I have this sneaking feeling that people are going to post questions about this. I may or may not Reply, depends on what people ask. Again I don't want to spoil anything. And naturally this list is subject to change if I need to do something in BT that contradicts this.
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