January 6th, 2007

Been a while...

Last week I was getting a little worried, was my burnedoutedness permanent? I'd hope not, but I wasn't going to push myself, as that was a sure way of making it permanent (I don't like being pushed, ya see, even when I'm the one doing it). It makes it hard to do the stuff you want to do as opposed to pushing yourself to finish the stuff you /need/ to do.

But anyway, usually when I get like this, I just take time away from whatever is killing my muse. Some people in SecondLife might notice that I take time off there every few months, I don't even go on unless I have to help a customer in my store or something. Even then it's for minutes at a time.

BT's been on hiatus for about a month now and that's usually when things start to kick back into gear, but it didn't, at all... up until last night.

I kept thinking about the upcoming issue, and things I want to do in it. Everytime I put my head down on the pillow to sleep, I had to get right back up to write down what I was thinking (I keep a notebook next to the bed just incase this happens). I haven't actually written the issue yet, I was just writing down ideas and dialogue that I thought was cool.

Before I start this next issue, I intend to have it written from beginning to end before I even start it. This'll be a first for BT... despite being 18 issues into it. I also have to paint the cover. I'm hoping to have BT back up at the start of February.