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Source: http://blacktapestries.comicgen.com/d/20061004.html
Jakkal's notes: Leaving this one public so I can get a feel for this. I don't think there are any spoilers in it. Please let me know what you think.

-Lorelei's Thoughts: Great. I wake up from one nightmare and hop right back into another... the nightmare of m' life anyway. At least Dane is there fer me... even if I'm still pissed at him...

I can't afford ta be pissed at him now. I need his help. And the way I am I... I fear he'll dump me on the street. I feel so useless. Is my body all he was interested in? How the hell can I trust him?

And is this some kinda retribution fer changin' him inta a dog? ... Hope he dun give me dogfood like I did him.

Will I get outta this as easily as he did? No, fuck no. It never works that way fer me.

-Dane's Thoughts: Lorelei is such a dreamer. She's always got her head in the clouds, and far too often I fear her feet aren't firmly on the ground. .. Be it two or four feet... When she's not daydreaming of a better life, she's working to make hers worse... or destroying the lives of others. Is she attracting this? Why does it always pick on /her/?

Maybe there is something to that... artstream or whatever she's got.

I can see why her family dumped her, those few years ago. She's too headstrong. She refuses to listen to reason, and then can barely tolerate the consequences of her actions.

Damnit, Lore. Why won't you just listen to reason?


And now I don't have the heart to tell you the reality of the situation.


The only comfort I have is knowing of your immortality. ...

I don't want to lose you... again.
Tags: black tapestries, dane, general thoughts, issue 18 page 56, lorelei

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