Because ComicGen Doesn't Want To Work...

I'm posting this week's BT's here.

I'm doing this because I'm trying to get myself back into the groove of making these comics on a daily basis. I'm rusty, I've forgotten my methods, and this is good practice (And it's entertaining... to me anyway).

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I will update this post with the new pics until ComicGen decides to work.

The New Lorelei

Well I've decided, I'm going with Lore #3. The number is rather ironic, as this is the third time I've messed with Lore's markings.

Here's the new shot, and I'm posting this to BT and the BT journal as well.

More Lorelei Redesign Concept Sketches

The one thing I didn't like about the black paw version of Lore was how plain she looked. I like it better than the white-paw version, definitely, but it was just... I couldn't get used to it. It didn't seem "LORE" to me. And that's very important. I rushed her second design, focusing mostly on her face, and I wish I had taken a little time to get it right. I've got one or two more variations I want to try, then I'll decide which one looks best to me.

Anyway, this one was my initial idea, it still seems loud to me, but others seem to like it better, and it *does* seem more "LORE" than the black-paw one.

Click fer a bigger pic

My Husband Suggested this one, I kind of like it:

Click fer a bigger pic

Variation on the Theme:

Click fer a bigger pic

And of course I ask the players of Kaerwyn what they think. Really, I should never do this, because ... they don't think. Mwaha. But in any case, here's what they suggested (Obviously with far superior design skills than myself).

Click fer a bigger pic

Click fer a bigger pic
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Lorelei Redesign

During my time off, I've had time to think about BT and how it's progressing, and characters.. and how characters could be tweeked a little.

This is something I've actually thought about since the last time I changed her markings (Which I wrote into the story). I'm not going to do that this time, this is relatively minor as well. I've never liked the way Lore's feet and hands have looked. They're not very true to the nature of a grey fox. Even with her mask, and her stripes, she incorporates the basics of the grey fox (Even if she does have extremely unusual markings for a grey fox). Her hands and feet, not very Urocyon to me.

I mean, taking a look at some RL Grey Foxes. You can see that they don't have fully white paws like I gave Lore. Usually it's that standard motled color between the reddish brown and the grey/white. Of course I don't put the mottling in Lore's design, that would just kill me trying to make the comic, so I dumb down her colors to the basics (Auburn, Gray, White and Black).

Originally, like other Grey Foxes, I was going to make her paws more brown, by spreading the brown up her paws and then putting white on the tips and the underside. The color brown I Picked for her, though, is very contrasting, and it just didn't look right to me. So I switched and tried black. Trivia: Lore's mask is supposed to be black, I color it dark gray because my eyes don't like pure blacks and it fucks me up when I try to color things, especially for the comic. So anyway, I Took the "Black" of Lore's mask and applied it to the paws.

It's pretty minor. I mean, it's very noticable to me. Some of the people I've shown it to haven't been able to tell a difference (They don't really pay much attention to BT though). I'm not going to explain this one away in the comic, I'm going to pretend that her markings were always like this. And I'm probably going to go back through the comic and replace her old markings with these. (Yes, through all 850+ pages).

The result:

Click for a larger pic

I might play around with the idea a bit more later on.

Been a while...

Last week I was getting a little worried, was my burnedoutedness permanent? I'd hope not, but I wasn't going to push myself, as that was a sure way of making it permanent (I don't like being pushed, ya see, even when I'm the one doing it). It makes it hard to do the stuff you want to do as opposed to pushing yourself to finish the stuff you /need/ to do.

But anyway, usually when I get like this, I just take time away from whatever is killing my muse. Some people in SecondLife might notice that I take time off there every few months, I don't even go on unless I have to help a customer in my store or something. Even then it's for minutes at a time.

BT's been on hiatus for about a month now and that's usually when things start to kick back into gear, but it didn't, at all... up until last night.

I kept thinking about the upcoming issue, and things I want to do in it. Everytime I put my head down on the pillow to sleep, I had to get right back up to write down what I was thinking (I keep a notebook next to the bed just incase this happens). I haven't actually written the issue yet, I was just writing down ideas and dialogue that I thought was cool.

Before I start this next issue, I intend to have it written from beginning to end before I even start it. This'll be a first for BT... despite being 18 issues into it. I also have to paint the cover. I'm hoping to have BT back up at the start of February.

Misconceptions of Kaetif

Jakkal writes:

Yeah I know, you guys were probably expecting something from Lore. I think I'm going to try doing that on Fridays. That way she can kind of sum up what she's thinking through the week. At least if I'm inspired enough to figure out what she's thinking without spoiling anything.

Anyway, today's post is about some things I've seen come up about Anthro animals, so I wanted to dispell them about Kaetif. I've actually mused the idea of making a BT-based RP. I even Started a trial run, free-for-all BT RP so I could see where all the problems would be. Of course, it didn't really catch on. I did see some problems that I'll need to address for the real RP (If I ever decide to make one).

But specifically, I want to post some of the misconceptions I've seen about Kaetif. Naturally this doesn't go for ALL Kaetif, these are just generalities I like to live by, especially when making the comics. These are the little rules that I try to keep in mind to make sure BT stays somewhat realistic (Fantasy, but in the realm of possibility).

So without further ado:

1. Kaetif with digitigrade and unguligrade legs will have less agility and stability of a similar human. In other words, Kaetif do not necessarily have an agility advantage. In some cases they might, but it's not a general Kaetif "benefit". Digitigrade and unguligrade legs are, in general, much less stable for bipeds than plantigrade. So the Kaetif with the digitigrade and unguligrade legs are at a disadvantage when standing on two legs. On four legs, they are more stable, but again not necessarily more agile.

2. Kaetif in general are not more agile than humans. There is no specific agility advancement that Kaetif enjoy. Some Kaetif species might have some changes that would considered part of agility. Mostly the only Kaetif that get an agility advantage are smaller species Kaetif, such as rodents, small carnivores, etc. But for any agility they might gain from their animal counterpart, they tend to lose it due to the human counterpart.

3. Digitigrade and unguligrade Kaetif can run faster than humans when on all fours. Digitigrade and unguligrade kaetif are not much faster than a similarly built human when on two legs (Longer stride sometimes helps, but lacking the stability in the feet might deter this). As a general rule, Kaetif are never as fast or agile as their animal counterpart. For example, a Kaetif wolf running on all fours could never outrun a regular wolf, even with longer strides.

4. Kaetif handpaws are not as dexterous as human hands. Their sense of touch is greatly reduced. Fur on the palms decreases grip. Lack of fingernails makes it harder for them to keep a firm grip on things. They aren't hopeless mind you, but this in comparison with a similarly built human.

5. Here's a very common misconception I see in Kaerwyn all the time. Kaetif tails -do not- aid in balance when standing upright. They do not aid in agility. Infact they add unecessary weight to the back. They cause the center of gravity to change. The tail can, in fact, hinder the balance, stability, and coordination of the Kaetif. In some cases, when running on all fours, however, the tail can be used like a rudder to help quick changes in direction.

6. Kaetif jaws (especially in the case of carnivores) are not as powerful as the regular animal. Wolf Kaetif cannot chomp down on deer legbones like regular wolves can. Their faces don't have the muscular structure built for it.

7. The sensory information of Kaetif are not as sharp as their regular animal counterparts. For example, a Bloodhound Kaetif does not have as an accute sense of smell as a regular bloodhound. Hawk kaetif cannot see as well as Hawks. The reasoning is not because of the structure, as a Kaetif wolf probably has a larger nose than a regular wolf, thus has more olfactory sensors. The reason is due to the brain and the setup, it's not built for interpretation the same way as the regular animal. If the brain can't process it, the information is useless. However, Kaetif do have the advantage over humans in most of the senses (Save for sight, taste and touch in many cases).

8. The general rule for Kaetif is this: Kaetif are not better at things best suited for humans than humans. Kaetif are not better at things best suited for animals than animals. But Kaetif ARE better at things best suited for animals than humans, and kaetif are better at things best suited for humans than animals. In other words, a Kaetif wolf can't run as fast as a regular wolf, but it can run faster than a human.

9. Kaetif internal organs are more like a human than their animal. Of course there are specifics per animal, such as rabbit kaetif may have an enlarged appendix. The Kaetif brain is very similiar to the human brain.

10. Instincts are still present in Kaetif, though they are usually dormant or eclipsed by human thought. They may also have been manipulated by their half humanity as their race evolves. (Much like we have instincts that we're not necessarily aware of, but can, in most cases, consciously control.)

11. Kaetif do have a strength advantage, however not the extent that Lorelei does. She's a special case (which I will not explain here for the sake of spoilers). Kaetif are stronger than similarly built humans and have a greater endurance. Again this depends on the Kaetif. They will not be more than 2x similar human strength or edurance. (In other words if a human guy can lift 200lbs max, as a kaetif, he won't be able to lift more than 400lbs given, more than likely he would be able to lift 250-300lbs).

12. One of the Kaetif disadvantages is having to eat a lot more than a regular human. Many Kaetif starve because of this. In the "old time" when Kaetif were first created, they only lived for a couple of years because their bodies would burn themselves out. The humans weren't too careful with their creations. As Kaetif have managed to live on their own and let Evolution and Natural selection take it's course, they're better off. But a Kaetif won't live as long as a regular human, and they'll need to eat a lot more than a human as well. Even if a wolf can go several weeks between gorges, a wolf kaetif wouldn't be able to.

Okay that's all I've got for now. I have this sneaking feeling that people are going to post questions about this. I may or may not Reply, depends on what people ask. Again I don't want to spoil anything. And naturally this list is subject to change if I need to do something in BT that contradicts this.



Jakkal Writes: I've had a lot of people ask me about the above filler comic. It is from an actual log from the Public RP (About 2 years ago).
But mostly, people want to know why Lorelei has wings.

I thought I'd relate the tale.

For some reason or another, Lorelei was reading through magic books. You see on Kaerwyn, she's not the homeless, forlorn drifter. No, infact she has the largest house in town (Comes from her hording all the gold she had for years) not to mention it was a large blacksmith shop that she coverted into a house... and now I'm rambling. Anyway, she's got a library in her house.

Many people don't realize this, but Lorelei's an avid reader. Like we watch TV, or hang out on the internet, she reads books. Her favorite stuff is non-fantasy fiction, because to her that's fantasy. Irony. Anyway, the Kaerwyn Library blew up at one point, and she scrounged to take as many of the books as she possibly could. This includes a bunch of old magic books. You know, the kind you don't fuck with unless you're trained.

Lorelei never really figured out that lesson, mind you. So anyway, there was some dire circumstance going on that required this magic-fearing girl to tread where she never has before - studying magic books. I think everyone can see where this is going.

Lore + Studying = Sleep. Lore + Sleep = Drool. Lore + Drool + Magic Book = Random happenstance.

And to top it off, she was drinking a RedBull. Redbull drool on top of a magic book. Redbull gives you wings. Literally so, if you drool RedBull on top of a compendium of infernal arts.

While she enjoyed the power of flight, she's not been brave enough to try it again to regain the wings (That she lost during a werewolf attack.)

And that is how the Lorelei got her wings.


Jakkal's notes: Leaving this one public so I can get a feel for this. I don't think there are any spoilers in it. Please let me know what you think.

-Lorelei's Thoughts: Great. I wake up from one nightmare and hop right back into another... the nightmare of m' life anyway. At least Dane is there fer me... even if I'm still pissed at him...

I can't afford ta be pissed at him now. I need his help. And the way I am I... I fear he'll dump me on the street. I feel so useless. Is my body all he was interested in? How the hell can I trust him?

And is this some kinda retribution fer changin' him inta a dog? ... Hope he dun give me dogfood like I did him.

Will I get outta this as easily as he did? No, fuck no. It never works that way fer me.

-Dane's Thoughts: Lorelei is such a dreamer. She's always got her head in the clouds, and far too often I fear her feet aren't firmly on the ground. .. Be it two or four feet... When she's not daydreaming of a better life, she's working to make hers worse... or destroying the lives of others. Is she attracting this? Why does it always pick on /her/?

Maybe there is something to that... artstream or whatever she's got.

I can see why her family dumped her, those few years ago. She's too headstrong. She refuses to listen to reason, and then can barely tolerate the consequences of her actions.

Damnit, Lore. Why won't you just listen to reason?


And now I don't have the heart to tell you the reality of the situation.


The only comfort I have is knowing of your immortality. ...

I don't want to lose you... again.